FAQ - Cat Training Tape

What is cat training tape?

Cat training tape or anti-scratch tape, is meant to act as protection against scratches from cats on furniture and other surfaces. It is double sided; the adhesive is a deterrent for cats.

What surfaces can cat training tape be used on?

Our tape is safe for all surfaces, both hard and soft. It’s great for use on upholstery, suede, leather, wood and other materials. The adhesive will not leave a mark when it’s time to be removed. Anti Scratch tape is specifically engineered for these uses.

Is this harmful to pets?

No, this anti cat scratching tape is 100% non-toxic and safe for use for all pets.

Can I use other double sided tape to deter my cat scratching?

This tape is specifically made to not damage fabric or wooden surfaces, which cannot be said for all kinds of double sided tape.