Traveling? Consider bringing these adhesives for fixes.

No matter how much planning you do, chances are that you will forget something when traveling. Worse, something will tear or rip and you don't have an alternative. This is why we suggest you always pack a roll of tape with you. It's lightweight and easy to store in the luggage and certainly can come in handy. Much like getting life insurance, you hope you don't have to use the tape but are sure glad you have it if it comes down to needing it. Here are some excellent tape options for various travel-related quick fixes:

    Duct Tape: Pros: Duct tape is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of quick fixes. It's durable, strong, and can handle everything from patching up a torn bag to fixing a broken strap on your luggage. Cons:  it's not the most elegant solution, but it can be a lifesaver in a pinch. It can be a heavier roll given its thicker surface.

    Gaffer's Tape: Pros: Gaffer's tape is a fabric-based tape that's strong, durable, and leaves little to no residue when removed. It's an excellent choice for temporary clothing fixes, such as hemming pants or securing loose hems. It's also ideal for taping up posters or lightweight decorations in your hotel room. Cons: which color do you bring? Can't bring them all.

    Double-Sided Fashion Tape: Pros:  If you're concerned about wardrobe malfunctions while traveling, double-sided fashion tape is a must. It's designed specifically for securing clothing and preventing gaps or slips. It's great for keeping necklines in place, securing bra straps, or temporarily fixing a loose button. Cons: to be honest, not a lot of cons with bringing this.

    Travel-Sized Adhesive Tape Rolls: Many companies offer travel-sized rolls of clear adhesive tape. These are handy for a wide range of fixes, from mending torn pages in a book to taping up a ripped travel itinerary. They're compact and fit easily into a travel kit or purse. Cons: Finding these specialty rolls. Sometimes the hotel may have some, but they aren't easy to find.

    Electrical Tape: Pros: Electrical tape is excellent for insulating and waterproofing. While it's not ideal for clothing fixes, it can be useful for patching up items like charging cables or temporarily sealing a leaking water bottle. Cons: This has to be a longer trip to bring this roll if you are going to need it to patch cables and such.

    Medical Tape: Pros: Medical tape is gentle on the skin and ideal for minor first-aid needs. It can be used to secure bandages, cover blisters, or provide extra support for sore muscles. It's a good addition to your travel medical kit. Cons: If you have to use it, it means you are hurt/injured somehow.

    Transparent Packing Tape: Pros: Transparent packing tape can be used for various quick fixes, such as resealing a torn plastic bag, repairing a ripped map, or reinforcing a fragile souvenir for the journey home. Cons: You look like you work for UPS carrying around packing tape with you.

    Masking Tape: Pros: Masking tape is versatile and leaves little residue when removed. It's suitable for labeling items, marking luggage, or creating temporary closures for bags and packages. Cons: Only con is that it's a short term fix, which on vacation may be all you need.

A roll of tape on vacation can end up saving you a lot of $$ and time. Which roll you bring depends on what you expect to need during this vacation of yours. But just know that whichever roll you decide, you will be happy to have it if the situation arises for it. Just like insurance. It's peace of mind.

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